Well, maybe not…


I mentioned on an earlier post, that I turned to the City of Raleigh to get lost cost mulch this year.  While it was definitely a cost savings, it was also not quite what I expected.  Upon loading up all the wheelbarrows of mulch at home, I came across quite a few bonus treats buried in the mulch – everything from pieces of trash, squashed soda cans, tons of large sticks and an old pair of (formerly) white sports socks.

After that, I noticed that my dogs were carefully picking their way throught the mulch, and then I learned why.  It was filled with thousands of those prickley gum balls.  So, a new project added to the list, was to hand pick all those out of all the mucl that was spreaded.

Next year, think I’ll stick with the full price clean mulch.


A cost saving tip for gardeners


If you’re on a tight budget these days, as many of us are, you may be considering skipping the annual mulch or compost treatment for your yard.  But the City of Raleigh comes to the rescue!  The Yard Waste Center (New Hope Road) is offering a “buy one get one” coupon in the Saturday Home and Garden section through the end of April.  Thanks to my neighbor and landscape guru, Tom Pope, we got 2 truckloads full of shredded hardwood for only $16 this weekend!  $16!  That’s less than the cost 1 cubic yard at a retail mulch store!  And after shoveling most of the weekend, I can testify that we got  at least 5 full yards!  Now the quality isn’t the sames as at retail, but what a wonderful service the City offers!  Time to get the shovel and wheelbarrow out!

Over 400 Happy Dogs!


Yesterday, I volunteered for the first time with the Coalition to Unchain Dogs, an incredible group that builds free fences for dogs that are currently chained.  They’ve also been a major force in ant-tethering legislation in our area.  If you can picture the pure joy a dog feels after being chained outside and restricted to a small area, never being able to run, to feeling the release of that weight on their neck and the freedom to run and move!  Take a look at some of the videos  under “Happy Tails”  – and be prepared to be touched.  I can’t wait to build more fences and help more dogs!  If you’re interested, please consider volunteering your time, or your resources.

“Never Eat Alone” – virtual book club


Great idea! Let’s join Heather! 

 “Heather Hollick is leading a virtual book club reading Never Eat Alone in Jan. 31 days, 31 chapters. Coincidence? I think not!. Details http://bit.ly/4Vj8lN

Make a soldier’s Christmas….Send a free card.


Send a free printed postcard to a solider stationed overseas with the “Let’s Say Thanks” program from Xerox.  Just write a personal message and Xerox will print and deliver the cards! 

What a nice way to brighten a solider’s day!


BackNoise is The New Listening Channel


Still trying to figure out Twitter?  Better catch up on the newest social media tool called “BackNoise”. See this post from a someone who saw it used first hand in a SM conference with Chris Brogan and other SM leaders.

BackNoise is The New Listening Channel

I was at a Social Media Event last week and saw a new form of Social Media that I had never witnessed before.  It took Social Media to a whole new level.

via BackNoise is The New Listening Channel.

New free keyword tool takes off


Wordstream, a new free keyword search tool, was just launched last week.  have to see how it compares to Wordtracker, but early reports are good.


Most interesting is this comment in their press release:

“Despite billions of searches month in and month out (more than 9 billion in July alone), Google continues to report that nearly 20% of all search queries each month are unique—that is, they have never been searched on before.”