How Big???


“Friday Fact: Blue whales are so enormous that a human being could swim through their largest veins and arteries. #facts #animals #oceans”

From National Geo’s Twitter:  NatGeoSociety


Well, maybe not…


I mentioned on an earlier post, that I turned to the City of Raleigh to get lost cost mulch this year.  While it was definitely a cost savings, it was also not quite what I expected.  Upon loading up all the wheelbarrows of mulch at home, I came across quite a few bonus treats buried in the mulch – everything from pieces of trash, squashed soda cans, tons of large sticks and an old pair of (formerly) white sports socks.

After that, I noticed that my dogs were carefully picking their way throught the mulch, and then I learned why.  It was filled with thousands of those prickley gum balls.  So, a new project added to the list, was to hand pick all those out of all the mucl that was spreaded.

Next year, think I’ll stick with the full price clean mulch.

Motivating thought….


This quote caught my eye recently:  “Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried”


With Michael Jackson’s memorial service tomorrow, can you imagine the technical logistics of ensuring load capacity for a world-wide live streaming video?  (Thinking like a PM, I know…..)

Downtown is hoppin’


I volunteered at the Downtown Raleigh Home Tour this weekend which showcased downtown living with all the condo buildings and several historic Oakwood homes.  It gave me a chance not only to see all the amazing condos  with views over the city but to get out and walk around downtown – as opposed to driving in for an event.  The architecture, the people, outdoor cafes, the buzz – great environment and what a teriffic city we have. Not to mention the cool new purple directional signage everywhere. Come on down!

What do Carolina Pines and your cell service have in common?


Have you ever wondered why your cell phone fades out in some areas?  Not just when the road dips low, but just in a regular area.  My wireless engineer friend, Rhett Orr, enlightened me that the RF (radio frequency for you newbies) wave emitted from the cell tower is roughly the same “size” as the pine needles.  So the needles in essence, block the signal.  What’s the probability fo *that*?

Green tip: Cancel your phone books


Thanks to Linda Leighton at Raleigh Recycling for this info:

“… For those of you who would prefer to OPT-OUT – to NOT receive phone books NEXT year, please visit web site You will be asked for your zip code, after which you will be presented with a listing of the known publishers of directories for your area and the proper way to request an OPT-OUT.


Scott Mouw, Section Chief at the N.C. Department of Pollution Prevention & Environmental Assistance has been working with the Product Stewardship Institute in getting waste reduction measures like this opt-out brought forth.  He is very interested in hearing feedback from if you take advantage of the OPT-OUT.  Just jet him an email with your experience in using it, what did you think?  Scott’s email is  Your feedback will help in ongoing interactions with the phone book publishers industry.”