How many texts does the average teen send a month?


A) 898?

B) 1687?

C)  3339?

What did you guess?  It’s “C”!  I wonder if these kids are learning social skills and how they will fare working with others?

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BackNoise is The New Listening Channel


Still trying to figure out Twitter?  Better catch up on the newest social media tool called “BackNoise”. See this post from a someone who saw it used first hand in a SM conference with Chris Brogan and other SM leaders.

BackNoise is The New Listening Channel

I was at a Social Media Event last week and saw a new form of Social Media that I had never witnessed before.  It took Social Media to a whole new level.

via BackNoise is The New Listening Channel.


Facebook just announced on that you can change your account name to one with a brandable user name. Be memorable – check it out!

On the other hand …


….I just read this post about Linked In and the pros and cons of using it as an “open networking” tool. While I haven’t moved to that style yet, the writer, Chuck Zdrojowy, makes some good points about  volume and the difference between introductions vs. endorsements.