How many texts does the average teen send a month?


A) 898?

B) 1687?

C)  3339?

What did you guess?  It’s “C”!  I wonder if these kids are learning social skills and how they will fare working with others?

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How much longer?


……..before Verizon can support the iPhone?  AT&T drops my calls many times a day, EVERY day.  And, after spending $150 on a cell phone booster – also from AT&T – they are *still* dropping calls.  Has anyone found a solution?

Best Lunch Place


After a visit to Capital Lumber, I stopped in NeoMonde for lunch. Had forgotten what great fresh food they have. You can really taste the flavors and the hummus with olive oil was out of this world! Next time you’re about to settle for sandwich, go to NeoMonde on Beryl Road instead!