Is there anything better on a hot summer day?


Than a fresh squeezed limeade?  So far I’ve only found two places in town (Raleigh):  one at the Farmers Market in the permanent building, and the other at the new Zoe’s Kitchen

Anyone know of any other places for the real thing?


Well, maybe not…


I mentioned on an earlier post, that I turned to the City of Raleigh to get lost cost mulch this year.  While it was definitely a cost savings, it was also not quite what I expected.  Upon loading up all the wheelbarrows of mulch at home, I came across quite a few bonus treats buried in the mulch – everything from pieces of trash, squashed soda cans, tons of large sticks and an old pair of (formerly) white sports socks.

After that, I noticed that my dogs were carefully picking their way throught the mulch, and then I learned why.  It was filled with thousands of those prickley gum balls.  So, a new project added to the list, was to hand pick all those out of all the mucl that was spreaded.

Next year, think I’ll stick with the full price clean mulch.