A cost saving tip for gardeners


If you’re on a tight budget these days, as many of us are, you may be considering skipping the annual mulch or compost treatment for your yard.  But the City of Raleigh comes to the rescue!  The Yard Waste Center (New Hope Road) is offering a “buy one get one” coupon in the Saturday Home and Garden section through the end of April.  Thanks to my neighbor and landscape guru, Tom Pope, we got 2 truckloads full of shredded hardwood for only $16 this weekend!  $16!  That’s less than the cost 1 cubic yard at a retail mulch store!  And after shoveling most of the weekend, I can testify that we got  at least 5 full yards!  Now the quality isn’t the sames as at retail, but what a wonderful service the City offers!  Time to get the shovel and wheelbarrow out!


Over 400 Happy Dogs!


Yesterday, I volunteered for the first time with the Coalition to Unchain Dogs, an incredible group that builds free fences for dogs that are currently chained.  They’ve also been a major force in ant-tethering legislation in our area.  If you can picture the pure joy a dog feels after being chained outside and restricted to a small area, never being able to run, to feeling the release of that weight on their neck and the freedom to run and move!  Take a look at some of the videos  under “Happy Tails”  – and be prepared to be touched.  I can’t wait to build more fences and help more dogs!  If you’re interested, please consider volunteering your time, or your resources.