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Green tip: Cancel your phone books


Thanks to Linda Leighton at Raleigh Recycling for this info:

“… For those of you who would prefer to OPT-OUT – to NOT receive phone books NEXT year, please visit web site www.yellowpagesoptout.com You will be asked for your zip code, after which you will be presented with a listing of the known publishers of directories for your area and the proper way to request an OPT-OUT.


Scott Mouw, Section Chief at the N.C. Department of Pollution Prevention & Environmental Assistance has been working with the Product Stewardship Institute in getting waste reduction measures like this opt-out brought forth.  He is very interested in hearing feedback from if you take advantage of the OPT-OUT.  Just jet him an email with your experience in using it, what did you think?  Scott’s email is scott.mouw@ncdenr.gov.  Your feedback will help in ongoing interactions with the phone book publishers industry.”


On the other hand …


….I just read this post about Linked In and the pros and cons of using it as an “open networking” tool. While I haven’t moved to that style yet, the writer, Chuck Zdrojowy, makes some good points about  volume and the difference between introductions vs. endorsements.


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