To Know or Not to Know? Using Linked In

I’d bet your Linked In mailbox contains an invitation from Steven Burda  to join his network.  And you’d be in company – along with 34,000 of his other connections!   Steven is what’s known as a LION – “Linked In Open Networker” – or someone who builds  network of people without actually knowing them.  Currently, Steven is one of the top 4 LI people based on number of connections.

Does the LION concept help Linked In? Does it make sense to build the mega-networks where no one actually knows each other?  Or does it go against the grain of the networking concept where people are expected to actually know each other?  

While networking can be viewed as a personal one to one relationship, it seems the LION concept is viewed as simply putting people in touch with others base on common interests, without implying to the parties that you endorse either one.  To me, that is defeating the spirit of Linked In and removes some of networking effort that you need to put in to find your contacts – through your own network, and it’s concentric circles. 

Check out the article from CIO Magazine:

Interested in hearing your thoughts on this.


One Response to To Know or Not to Know? Using Linked In

  1. Peter Dunn says:

    I tend to agree with you and not solely because we’ve met (full disclosure!). I think mega-networking should be viewed as a social event a la Myspace or Facebook as opposed to LinkedIn. I fear L/I may drift towards the social and away from its original intent.

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